New Year’s Resolution – Summary of last year

Begonia. Photo: Charlotte ©2014-2015 My Green Nook

Did you make any new year´s resolutions last year? How did it go?

Looking back at the year we just left behind us I can honestly say that I am satisfied with my efforts. I have learned a lot about myself and my needs. My relationships with friends and relatives have evolved. Like I wrote in my first introduction, Dare to choose life, I have made up my mind and found peace in my choices. I cannot satisfy everyone around me. Nor my time or my energy will sustain all my previous relations. So I had to cut down on the social side which to you may sound strange or even crazy. But for me it was (and still is) a survival strategy. The result – I spend more time with the ones I love and hold closest to my heart. These bonds have even strengthen. I also have gained a new family – my spouse´s – which makes my very happy. I am lucky to have a second family who really cares and makes me feel more than welcome.

Photo: buerserberg (Petra)

Heart. Photo: buerserberg (Petra)

In my previously blog post, On a journey of discovery through life, I told you about my new experiences. Reflexology, Yoga, Writing class and SPA. It is a story mainly of success. During one of my reflexology sessions the therapist noticed that one of my legs were two centimeters shorter than the other. She help me adjust that and fixed my lopsidedness. The yoga classes were great and gave me a new tool for relaxation and active rest. I also got advise about pregnancy yoga so I can keep on practising on my own. My friend and I made a trip to the SPA and enjoyed the calming baths. The only thing I didn´t follow through was the writing class. It was sad but I had no choice due to my nausea. I will save it for an other time when I feel I manage to engage in it again.

Did you make any resolutions for this year? I didn´t. I only told myself to keep up the good work and stay focused on the path I am walking along.

To all of you – Stay strong but don´t forget to reach out your hand when in need. I assure you someone will take it and help you through even in the roughest of times.

Please leave a comment and make me smile.

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