Prepare for the green season

Winter. Photo: Charlotte, My Green Nook ©2014-2015

Winter. Photo: Charlotte, My Green Nook ©2014-2015

It is snowing outside and winter still lingers on. But there is much you can do to prepare for the green season. Though the garden, patio or balcony is at rest and last years blossom is just a memory. Now is the time to plan for this years garden. My suggestion is to write a to-do-list and plan for your purchases. Use your garden notes from last year to fresh up the memory – which plants were successful and which were disappointing?

I for instants had a good year for Dahlias, Begonias, Geraniums and Melothria scabra. My sweet peas were very leafy but did not blossom and I had a problem with Aleyrodidae, a small white flying garden pest.

Vintage Seed Pack Label. Photo: chicks57 @flickr

Now the seed companies are releasing their catalogues for 2015. Maybe you can find some new seeds to try or get hold of old cultural seeds. I love to look for heritage plants (in Sweden POM or Grönt kulturarv). The heritage plants often have a unique habitus, scent or touch. And are well worth to try. Use them in the garden to create a diversity and let these beauties live on along with our modern plants. Do not forget to use wildflowers maybe for a meadow or woodland patch in the garden. Also think of all insects like bees and butterflies. Today it is easy to find special collections for wildlife. If you have a plant bed that needs to get a fresh start I can recommend using Green Manure. That is plants with the ability to nourish and/or decompose the soil. Read more about Green Manure here.

Bee and willow. Photo: condesign @Pixabay

Bee and willow. Photo: condesign @Pixabay

And last but not least buy organic seeds and soils when possible. Use mechanical or biological pest control if you need. Soft soap and baking soda are two pesticides which I prefer to use if I have to. Reuse and repurpose as much as you can. It is both fun and creative – only your imagination sets the limits.

In my Pinterest collection you find some seeds that made me curious. Here are some examples: Chenopodium Capitatum (strawberry sticks), Cucumber ‘Crystal Apple’, Petunia multiflora ‘Old Fashioned Vining’, Daucus carota ‘Dara’. What do you plan for the garden this year? Any new projects or new plants?

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3 thoughts on “Prepare for the green season

  1. Regarding “What do you plan for the garden this year? Any new projects or new plants?”
    I am basically recovering a smidgen of what I used to grow. Being disabled is such a pain!
    Cleaning up, sowing (REAL OLD) seeds, mind you perfectly sealed and kept dark and cold. We will see if fifteen year old (hard) seeds germinate. Bought some P.auculis seed and am preparing to seed collect from old gardens.
    One recommendation regarding seed sources. Do not neglect Japanese food outlets. They often carry Japanese seeds and I have NEVER seen better packaged seeds! Also I might try on the Baker Heirloom seed company. One old squash variety looks scrumptions. (Yokahama)

    Have a good growing season.


    • I looked up the squash ‘Yokahama’ it sounds very interesting and worth to try. Keep me updated on your progress.

      I have a friend who use to pruchase Japanese seeds – she have a contact there who sends her seeds to try. Last summer she grow Shiso (Perilla frutescens var. crispa) and made a quenchering tasty lemonade. It was very delicious on a hot summer day. Served with ice and club soda.

      Thank you for contributing with nice tips!


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