Connecting people

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Connecting people

One of the best things of being a blogger is that you meet people from all over the world. There are no barriers or long distances keeping us apart. Of course we do not see each other and we are dependent on computers or likewise. The language is another bump on the road but in worst case we can use translation soft-ware. Further more photos and pictures will look the same wherever you have your blog nook.

Under my short time as a blogger I have met nice people and interesting bloggers I wouldn´t have met without the Internet. Some I have much in common with, others are inspiring or just awesome to communicate with. As an introvert the whole writing business suits me better than chatting or mingle IRL. If you have an opened mind and heart you can find genuine, authentic and good-hearted people. Who can become co-bloggers or even friends. Everything about blogging is not to have the greatest number of followers or being the star in social media. You may be happy just to meet one new friend or get some nice comments. How amazing isn´t it to be able to connect with people around the world?!

I would like to share two great posts from two awesome co-bloggers:

The Domestic Geek Girl – 15 Valentine´s Day gifts for geek girls. Written by Gingi.

Hi Gingi, I found this cool Valentine´s Day gift:

Geeky necklace - Heartshaped recycled circuit board by ReComputing

Geeky necklace – heart-shaped recycled circuit board by ReComputing







If I Could Talk I´d Tell You – Wise Woman. Written by Free Spirit Mystic.

Hi Free Spirit Mystic, a token of appreciation for you:

Free Spirit - Butterfly

Free Spirit – Butterfly





12 thoughts on “Connecting people

  1. You know, Charlotte, this is such a great aspect of strange as it may sound to some, I actually feel that I have friends in different places. Maybe I might meet them one day, maybe not, but nonetheless it’s a really wonderful thing to be able to virtually share my life, my progress, my fails, my goals, my qishes, my dreams, and my every day with others.

    It’s always been a little difficult for me with friends IRL because well, life has so much going on and I like to have the ttime time and space to give and share with someone. And frankly, having my own family takes up any extra time and space I’d love to a lot a friend. I’m sure this has been difficult for other friends of mine to understand. But blogging, achieves so much at once ando I truly enjoy devoting some time and space for it because once I’ve shared my piece, others can see it at leisure and I can see theirs. It’s so much different than being on the phone or trying to keep emails going because everyone had their life to live and enjoy. 🙂

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    • You summaries it well 🙂 Due to sad events I have had to cut down on my social life. And relieve the pressure. I made my decision to focus on a few very close friends, my family and myself. I need a lot of time for everyday life and to be “alone”. So blogging is a great way to be social and feel included without burning myself out…

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      • You sound like me. And it’s not that my life is difficult, it’s simply full. And, for me, a full life is enough to keep up with and still have even just a few moments for my own thoughts, sensations, and self-care.

        I can overextend myself, though I try not to. And this happens to be one of the ways in which I work at not over extending myself, even and unfortunately, at the expense of being as close with friends. 🙂

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      • 🙂 It is a difficult but mindful choice to make. And I think it is brave to dare to make those changes. If it feels good inside it is right. And good friends tend to understand and can even be reliefed. Since many people are schedueled over their necks. To have the freedom to get together when both have time and then really engage. Rather than feeling forced to press in a stressed lunch meeting on a busy day.

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      • You’re so right. I wish I could go visit a few friends I miss out of state. Is such a huge thing to try to do when you’re family is so young and you breastfeed though. Maybe this year, who knows. … 🙂


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