I made it – love conquers all

Love conquers all - My Green Nook

Today is a great day. Today I am victorious. Today I am proud of myself. I made it – really made it all by myself. I tried something new and manage to complete the task.

I have not been sewing much since I went to secondary school (Swedish högstadiet). We had an awful teacher and that did not give justice to the craft. Everything became boring sewing, stitching, crochets, knitting. It was horrible and I never managed to create anything of true value, at least not in my own eyes. From time to time I have made an effort to try to craft but failed. Bad memories haunting me. I have not had patience nor the joy for the art. With the news that I was going to become a mother something happened. I changed somehow and keep on surprising myself.

With my future motherhood the wish to be more handy and crafty has grown proportionally. It started with cooking – my baby needs real homemade nutritious food with a lot of vegetables and fruit on the menu. Then I made the necklace I published in an earlier post, How to make a baby nursing necklace. And now I have sewed my first baby rompers – amazing! And guess what?! I had fun and want to create more. It may not be the perfect rompers and I know there are others who would do a better job. But I am happy and it is a start which may lead anywhere. I think my love for our baby made me conquer this obstacles. The rompers are definitely made with love.

Baby rompers -My Green Nook

As you may have observed the pattern is laid on the wrong side of the fabric. Do not worry – I did not cut the fabric as seen in the photo. I just wanted to get a picture of how it would look. The pattern is from Stoff och Stil baby/newborn rompers (sparkdräkt) nr 80001.

17 thoughts on “I made it – love conquers all

  1. Hi Charlotte, Congratulations! Those are the cutest baby rompers. I would be so happy if I could create something so beautiful. I know how you feel about the teacher you had in school. The same thing happened to me and it wasn’t until years later that I could sit down and teach myself how to sew. I’m so happy for you 🙂


  2. Have you seen the movie Cuban Fury? Your story reminds me of that, in a way. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t, but you’ll see what I mean. Glad you can enjoy sewing again!


  3. Such a great job! I feel the pride come right through your words, Charlotte! It’s great to feel that joy, the sense of accomplishment, the pride, the sheer delight in having created something. And creating out of love, well that’s what is all about (or at least that’s what I think)!

    Your new baby will love that romper. And it’ll be one of the best things for him/her to wear. Trust me, no flaws will be noticed 😀

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