An extraordinary day

What happened today that made my day so extraordinary – you may wonder?

I got accepted as a member of International Bloggers Association. It is a big step for me and My Green Nook. And it feels great. It is a quality certification only allowed to use after applying and passing the inspection of your blog. Both content, language and appearance is part of the judgement. So now IBA got a new Swedish blogger in their team. I will do my best and hope I will be a good ambassador of this awesome community. Thank you IBA and all members of the IBA board. I am proud to put your badge on my blog.

Have you ever heard of the International Bloggers Association? If not I recommend you to visit them. Just click on the badge and I take you there!

After I got this splendid news I took the train to Stockholm city. I walked to my hairdresser from the station. The city was covered with snow and beautiful as always. While I was on my way I noticed how stressed people were. They almost ran and seemed unstoppable until they reached their goal. I cannot help it but I am one of those who gets in their way. Walking slowly, looking around and savoring the atmosphere. Now I walk even slower with my big bump and heavy feet. I can imaging the frustration if you are in a hurry and get stuck behind me. Anyway I took the time to take some pictures of Stockholm winterland.

Mariatorget - My Green Nook

Mariatorget in Stockholm. Photo: Charlotte @My Green Nook

Södra station - My Green Nook

Södra station in Stockholm. Photo: Charlotte @My Green Nook

At Friekosör I got pampered by my hairdresser Dolly. I wrote about my first visit there in one of my earlier posts. It is an organic hairdressing salon with high standards. They make their own products and are also up to date with modern hairstyle. You feel that they care about you as a costumer and want you to return. Always offering the best service and that little extra. I purchase all of my hair products from them and think they are top-notch. Now I am about to try some new make up from Zuii, which I bought at the salon. Zuii is an Australian brand. Their cosmetics are organic and made with natural products. I will start with trying their foundation and powder. If it suits me Dolly told me they are going to get a whole bunch of new Zuii make up this spring. I will give you my review when I have tried it for a while. Have you any favorite organic make up brand? Any super products you recommend?

After my visit at the hairdresser I went to one of the more popular second-hand stores, Stockholm´s City Mission. Which  is a nonprofit organization that works to make Stockholm a more humane city for all. One of Stockholm’s City Mission engagements is to operate second-hand stores around the Stockholm area. The stores sell clothing, accessories, furniture, household items, and books donated by individuals and businesses. They focus on recycling and create opportunities for people to approach the job market. I searched the child section and found a pair of gorgeous baby jeans from Mexx. I bought them for 40 SEC (about 5 USD or 4,40 EUR) quite a bargain, don´t you think?!

Baby jeans - My Green Nook

Baby jeans from Stockholm´s City Mission. Photo: Charlotte @My Green Nook

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7 thoughts on “An extraordinary day

  1. Yay for joining the IBA!! Also for beautiful snow and scenes, hair done by professionals who also believe in and help support your life ideals, and Especially for cute baby pants for your budding child! 😀


      • Yes! He loved them and was so thankful for them. He actually said, “I want to take a shower and put them on now.” That’s the best feeling for me – appreciation and gratitude. He said they are comfortable and warm! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you sweet Gingi! I am glad I can share some goodies with you. I have a hard time catching up and networking doesn´t come easily to me either. But I found out that Triberr and Linky Parties is a good and managable way to connect with other bloggers. I am happy to share the little knowledge I have 🙂 *hugs*


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