Friday Bliss

Friday bliss - My Green Nook

Friday is finally here and the weekend is ahead of us. Tomorrow it´s Valentine´s Day and many celebrate it. The day is devoted to love, friendship and people you want to show your appreciation to. But this evening is only yours. Take the time to celebrate your own being by taking extra care of yourself. A friend of my spouse use to say “When you worked hard you got to tickle yourself“. And that is exactly what I want to do on a friday evening.

After a long week walking and standing my feet are tired and a bit swollen. I use maternity socks (medical compression socks) to support the circulation and prevent varicose veins. They do their job but I want to give my feet even more care. So I started my weekend with a nice relaxing foot bath. To set the mood I turned off the light and lit some candles. Snuggled up in my comfortable armchair with a blanket wrap around my shoulders. Placing my feet in the warm relaxing water. Covering the bucket with a towel to keep the heat inside. The scent still manage to get through. I pour up a glass of cucumber water and lean back. Closing my eyes and letting go. Does it sound calming and inviting?

I do my own blend of bath water using:

  • Warm water
  • Organic jojoba oil ~ 1 tablespoon
  • Organic essential oils of lavender and bergamot ~ 10 drops each
  • Organic rose hydrolat ~ 1 tablespoon

I never measure but I wrote the amounts to give you a hint. I wanted a relaxing and soothing feeling so my choice of essential oils is based on that. Lavender is known for its calming and sleep inducing benefits. It also improves blood circulation. Bergamot is known for relaxing muscles and nerves which reduce the feeling of pain. It also reduce stress and improves blood circulation. Rose is used to balance emotions and lift the spirit. It is great for the female body and its various conditions.

Friday bliss - My Green Nook

If you are putting on your high-heel shoes and heading out on town you may want to use other essential oils. Peppermint for example is great to freshen up your feet. Want to read more about which essential oils to use?

Visit Nature Moms and learn more or go to your library tomorrow.



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4 thoughts on “Friday Bliss

    • Thank you! I hope it was ok with you. I was going to ask you first but… Just let me know if you don´t like the link.

      I love to read your posts about essential oils and I think you have the skill to advice. I am just a newbie in that area 🙂 Happy Valentine´s Day and have a great weekend!


  1. I’m happy to hear that you’re taking some time to yourself…to relax and to just breathe and be.

    Hope you and your husband have a great Valentine weekend! 🙂

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