Redesign old sheets for your baby

Making baby sheets of worn out sheets

I guess you like me have some old sheets stuffed away in a closet. We usually use them for cleaning by tearing cloths of them. But I got an idea how to reuse and recycle this poor fabric. The top and the bottom of the sheets often are of good quality it is the middle part that gets spent. So why not redesign it?

I started with cutting of the worn down pieces and used the fresh ones to sew a baby sheet. And while sewing I got a little crazy and tried to make some kind of decoration to make it a bit cuter. With a little imagination maybe you can see that it is frogs and water lilies. My idea was to have the sheet under a blanket and fold the decoration around the top. Used sheets are very soft and all eventual chemicals have been washed out. So it is actually perfect to recycle them for your baby. And you can redesign them however you like. I just took what I got at home and gave it a try.

Redesign old sheets for your baby - My Green Nook

Success isn´t to be the best it is to have tried and done your best. That is my motto so I am pleased with my effort even though I would do it differently next time. At least I know our baby will sleep safely under this soft environmental friendly sheet.


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