Craft Challenge – Cereal Box

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Every month there is a new craft challenge starting. You are supposed to recycle – upcycle – repurpose various of things. In February the theme is cereal boxes and how you can transform them with your creativity. I love to reuse and redesign old stuff and scraps. The whole idea of an environmental craft challenge really set my head in a spin. There are so much you can do and I recommend you to check out all the cool things the participating crafters have done.

I went in for a total recycled craft so I only got to use scraps. I gathered some old food magazines, one cereal box, one macaroni box and a wire from a bread bag. I used some glue, scissors, a knife and my hands. I decided to make a recipe box where I could collect all my recipes that today are scattered in a kitchen cabinet. I let my creativity loose on this:

Craft challenge - Cereal Box | My Green Nook

I started with cutting the cereal box opened to get a lid. After tearing out food images from the magazines I glued them on the cereal box. I wanted to make it a little rough so I didnยดt use the scissors to cut the images. I rather tore them to fit in the collage. Along the edges I folded the images into the box to make a smooth lining. To make the box more steady I cut pieces of the macaroni box for support and to cover the edges of the images. Glueing the box pieces on the inside. Of the macaroni box I also made a lock. From the inside of the box I stuck through the bread wire. The two ends went into the lock and by twisting the wire the lid was secured. Which makes it possible to keep the box standing. Now my new upcycled recipe box can join the cook books on the shelf.


Craft Challenge - Cereal Box | My Green Nook

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13 thoughts on “Craft Challenge – Cereal Box

  1. Ha! That’s pretty neat. I wouldn’t have t have ought of doing something like this on my own, but I’m sure glad I now have the idea thanks to you! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thank you Gingi ๐Ÿ™‚ You are too kind. Hey – cut yourself some slack lol YOU are super-pregnant, girl, with a toddler and a small farm!!! I admire you and your spirit โค
      A sling for Tessas dolls sounds awesome. Did/will you use a baby sling for carrying your girls?


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