Compassion in Everyday Life

A thousand voices speak for compassion. What does that mean? Does it make a difference?

To me compassion is an act from the heart. It is driven by feelings and an opened mind (or at least eyes). It is my believe compassion makes a difference. It makes us human. This post is a part of a greater good – 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion. #1000Speak

#1000Speaks: 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

The first picture that came up in my head was one of Mother Teresa and her devotion to help others. And maybe she is a symbol for compassion to most of us. It is easy to claim that compassion is charity work and self-sacrifice. But how about everyday life compassion? And cannot compassion include ourselves?

First focus on you and you alone. Cut yourself a slack and relax. Life is not all about chores, prestige and achievements. It is also about feelings, heart and soul. To be able to truly help others you need to start with yourself. When was the last time you really took care of you? And I do not mean the outside – visiting a hairdresser or buying new clothes. I mean the inside – taking time to reflect and hear your inner voice. Cause it is vital to allow yourself to be who you are. Not neglecting your needs and right to feel good. When you reach this kind of inner peace your mind will most likely open up to others automatically. Since you are not stuck in your own mind and high performance requirements. Rushing between must and should.

Self-Compassion - reflect, listen to your inner voice | My Green Nook #1000Speak

It may start with a smile and a nod to the bus driver in the morning. This is a way to acknowledge someones existent and is very effective. And do not be sad if he/she does not respond. Most likely you surprised them. Help the parent with a baby carriage getting aboard on the bus. Offer your seat to an old, disabled or pregnant person or anyone in need of a seat. This will be very appreciated and your heart will sing. Help a person who seems lost. You may not know the way or be able to help – but you asked. And that in itself is huge. If someone is laying on the ground or looking ill ask them how it is. Offer your help. Do not ever assume this person is intoxicated or dangerous in any way. Most likely something is terrible wrong and your help can make the difference between life and death.

Do I do all this?! Yes, I do and have done it. I have stepped forward when everyone else ignores. I try to smile to the bus driver, the cashier and the cleaning staff. If I do not I probably have a really bad day – I am a human after all. Since I work outdoors when most people are at work I have seen the everyday life of people who are less fortunate. The old lonely woman who fell on the sidewalk and could not get up. No one dared to help her or maybe they did not even see her. I stopped the car and asked her how she was. Then I helped her up and drove her home. Asking several times if she needed medical attention. Often homeless, intoxicated or persons in need approach me in the street. I do not know why they choose me. But I know everyone around stares and think I am stupid or something. But changing a few words does not kill you. At some points I have backed off. If I get any indication the person can do or mean any harm. But most of the time they are just happy someone cares and shares a moment of their time. I was taught never to talk to or interact with strangers. Always to keep an eye open and be careful. And I think I do live by that rule. I would never put myself in danger or seek out trouble. But if I am already there why not try to make the best of it?

Compassion - Reach out your hand | My Green Nook #1000Speak

This is my contribute and thoughts about compassion. It is my voice and my words reaching out to you. I hope you will listen and I hope my words will reach your heart. And encourage you to start changing your mindset towards a more compassionate life. And to you who already live a life full of compassion this is dedicated to you. I want to support you and your deeds by raising my voice. The world needs more compassion today, tomorrow and every day.


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13 thoughts on “Compassion in Everyday Life

  1. A powerful post. Compassion is such an important aspect of living. I know I strive to be compassionate throughout all my interactions in life. Sometimes I get into the judgemental area of my brain, but usually I can turn it around pretty easily and quickly. Being judgemental is the antithesis of compassion. And, as you said, living a life of compassion is a much nicer life to live! πŸ™‚

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