Greener Gardening Tools

Recently I shared the Craft Challenge with you now it is time for Change The World Wednesday #CTWW. Every week a new sustainability challenge is started. Last week the theme was Seed Swap and this week it is time for Tools of various kinds. My post is a part of a green cause with several bloggers participating, known as the CTWW-gang. It is an easy-going but still serious way to spread the consciousness about sustainability and green living. By sharing advice and ways to reach the goal of a healthy planet. One challenge at a time.

Change The World Wednesday on Reduce Footprints

One way to minimize unnecessary consumption and save money is to share resources. For example by getting together with your neighbors and start a tool sharing pool. There are many ways to reduce your footprints. As a green gardener I am fond of new inventions and old solutions to save resources. And there are plenty to do even for a small space gardener. I want to share some tools you can use to make your garden more efficient and environmental friendly at the same time.

Solar powered irrigation

There are small solar automatic watering systems available on the market. One of them is Irrigata SOL-C12 a weather responsive SMART irrigation controller. There is also a larger one Irrigata SOL-C24. Both uses solar energy to drive the system and it is advised to use them together with a rain barrel or other rain collector. This way you reduce both energy and water usage. There are a load of different components and parts to customize your irrigation system to suit your needs. I am sure there are other brands and models available on the market too.

Learn more from this video:

Irrigatia – Weather Responsive Solar Automatic Watering

Compostation systems

Worm compost is using worms to recycle food scraps and other organic material into a valuable soil amendment called vermicompos or daily worm compost.

Bokashi is using microbes to recycle food scraps and likewise into soil improvement. Bokashi is a sort of kitchen compost and you use a covered bucket and a microbe substrate. It does not smell and is perfectly clean to use in the kitchen.

Cold compost is simply to collect garden scraps in a pile or open bin. This is probably the most common way to compost in the garden and takes a little effort. You have to wait for a couple of years though to get the perfect soil. And do not put seeds or diseased plant parts in the compost since they will flourish in it and become a weed or pest hazard for your garden.

Hot compost is a very effective way to compost garden scraps and organic material. It takes a lot of effort and training to do it right. But you get valuable soil in just a couple of weeks. And you kill seeds and diseases if doing it right. This makes the quality higher than using a cold compost. Hot compostation is a biochemical procedure depending on the activity of numerous organisms breaking down organic matter. Which makes temperatures rise in the compost pile. The process is dependent on four elements: carbon, nitrogen, water, and air. There are compost bins designed for this matter and that might be preferable if you live in the Northern parts, like Sweden. Where the winters get cold and you may get trouble to keep the compost hot all year around.

Compost Bokashi - Greener Gardening Tools | My Green Nook

Bokashi bin set. Photo: Pfctdayelise

Energy efficiency and energy sources

When buying new machines for the garden make energy a part in your decision-making. Getting tools which have low energy usage and a long lifespan. Use alternative greener fuel instead of gasoline or diesel. And electric gear charged with solar power or other renewable resources. Much work can actually be made by hand. Grab in with garden work instead of going to the gym.

Do you have any tips or ideas how to make gardening more sustainable?

Disclaimer: I did not get payed in any way for writing this post. No brand has contracted me. All the links are just suggestions and for educational purpose.

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