Spring is coming

Spring is coming. Tulipa 'Little Beauty' | My Green Nook

Tulipa ‘Little Beauty’. Photo: Charlotte

After a long (or at least it felt long) Winter there are signs of an arriving Spring. It is finally coming to our part of Sweden. Viewing all your lovely photos on blogs and social media made me long even more. All the wonderful blossoms and sunny walks in flourishing parks. We are getting there – step by step. Do you remember the bulbs I planted on our balcony last Autumn? They survived the winter in covered and isolated containers. Now popping up one by one…

Spring is coming. Narcissus 'Lieke' |My Green Nook

Narcissus ‘Lieke’ Photo: Charlotte, My Green Nook


Spring is coming. Tulipa murillo-mix|My Green Nook

Tulipa murillo-mix. Photo: Charlotte, My Green Nook


Spring is coming. Fragaria vesca 'Rügen'|My Green Nook

Fragaria vesca ‘Rügen’. Photo: Charlotte, My Green Nook

Want to  have a glimpse on the flowers I hope will blossom in April-May?

My wood/wild strawberry is also showing up this years first green leaves. I covered the container with a rag carpet to protect the roots from freezing. This is an non-spreading variety, ‘Rügen’, which is suitable for container gardening.


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13 thoughts on “Spring is coming

  1. I know you can’t wait for the blooms to happen. My hubby loves your country and someday I hope we can make it over there so I can see the beauty myself.


    • Thank you Tammy for stopping by! How wonderful that you want to come to Sweden. It makes me happy that your hubby thinks our country is great. I hope you will make it soon 🙂

      I have never been to the US and would love to go there someday. There are so may things I would love to see. Have a great weekend!


  2. Wow! You make me wish I’d planted something before Winter. I don’t know if we’ll get to the garden this year, but maybe in the Fall we can start preparing and planning for a Sprung Garden….

    I’m glad you’ve sprouts already! 🙂


    • I am glad too. It is not to late for planing and preparing your garden. You can start small. Maybe a garden bed with easy grown edibles? Or some containers? There are seeds you can sow on spot as soon as the frost risk is over. Radish, spinach, calendula, sugar pea and many more. If you have kind neighbors perhaps they can support you with cuttings of geraniums or likewise. The best thing – you can do it together with Baby Boy 🙂

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      • Yes, I’m thinking I might try to start a bit of container gardening. A friend has sent me a link with some helpful tips 🙂

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  3. Those are looking beautiful!! I got started REALLY late on planting my seeds this spring (I was holding out hope that we’d get my outdoor greenhouse built in time.. but, yeah.. NOT gonna happen anytime soon..) So I didn’t get my seeds in the pallets till just this past Thursday. So far the only thing to sprout are my zinnias! I can’t wait to see your plants in the height of spring! Aside from strawberries, are you doing any veggies?? – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com


    • Thank you ❤ I hope you get your greenhouse one day – not too far away 🙂 Zinnias are beautiful I have never tried to bring them up from seeds but one day I will. Veggies are hard to handle on our balcony but I have tried some. Radish, sugar peas, spinach, mouse melon and tomatoes. I have found some new seeds I want to try. Miniature veggies – squash among others. What have you sowed???


  4. Spring may be coming but it’s not showing itself around me. I woke to another winter weather advisory and more snow on the ground so it is nice to see your spring bulbs showing signs of life.


    • Thank you Lois! I know the feeling – winter may linger on here too. A few years ago spring didn´t begin to arrive until the middle of April… And frost may still occur until midsummer. I hope spring will come to you soon 🙂


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