Indigenous culture

Today it is the International Women’s Day which should be acknowledged. But I would like to tell you an other story – the one of the swedish or rather Scandinavian indigenous people and their culture. The sámi (or saami) living in the Northern parts called Sápmi which stretches from Norway to Russia.

Sami people. Indigenous people | My Green Nook

Sámi couple in traditional clothes Photo: Tarja Mitrovic

As many other indigenous people and minorities the sámi has a history of being discriminated and they still are. Their lifestyle and culture have been questioned, neglected and violated. Even today decision-makers continue the injustices. But let us talk about the people rather than their misfortunes and suffering. The sámi people is living close with nature and show it great respect. Commonly known for being reindeer keepers living of the land. In history they were nomads herding their reindeer’s over vast lands. But the crafts, hunting and fishing industries are very important too. Their believes included shamanism and nature religion which had much in common with the indigenous people of North America. Today Sápmi is secular and do not belong to any religion. Politics have become important as a part of protecting the sámi traditions, culture and land.

Sámi flag. Indigenous culture| My Green Nook

Sámi flag of Sápmi.

There is one tradition I would love to share with you since I think it is so beautiful. The jojk, the traditional sámi song (or singing), which also was a part of their religion. Often very emotional, filled with heart and soul. This song is preformed by a young swedish sámi man as a tribute to his deceased friend. Listen via the link below:

Jon Henrik´s jojk for Daniel

Reindeer. Indigenous culture | My Green Nook

Reindeer. Photo: Harvey Barrison

Read more about the sámi people and their culture in Stories from my travels around the world and Sápmi.



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8 thoughts on “Indigenous culture

  1. Thank you for sharing this story with us at Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! I enjoy reading this kind of posts. I also share tradition/culture related Information on some of my posts.


  2. Such great info! Thanks for sharing with us! I do not understand why indigenous people from around the world are forced to give up their culture and history! Diversity is a benefit to us all.


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