Pieces of Real Life

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Time is passing by and recently I think it have rushed faster and faster. It has been a while since I shared my pieces of real life with you. So here we go. I am in pregnancy week 31 which means it is only 6-10 weeks left before our baby arrives. And it strikes me everyday that I am going to become a mother. I am going to give birth to a new little person and life will change. I look forward to meet this amazing human. But a part of me wants to keep the bump and all the movement inside. It is such an unexplainable feeling and the bond is very strong. We already love our little miracle and that love keeps on growing everyday. We are finally going to become the family we always dreamt of.

Besides all the joy and happiness I have begun feeling pain in my back and hips. Having a hard time to sleep since I have to sit up straight to ease the tenderness. I walk slow and it is not as delightful as it use to be to go for my daily walks. I am mostly tired and withdrawn. I just want to be by myself or with my family. I think it is a sign saying it is time to let go of pregnancy and take the next step in real life. Embrace motherhood, family life and let things settle. I tell myself I will manage it if I take one day at a time and focus on the privileges.

My spouse is very supportive and committed. We have gone through everything together – from the nausea to the current pain. Not forgetting all the shared joy and laughter from the first picture of our baby, the first time we got to listen to the heartbeat and the unique feeling of the first kick. We have been to the midwife and all the controls side by side. We have both taken part in the parenthood courses preparing us for the delivery and the baby to come. So I am a lucky one having a child with the best dad and partner I can imaging. We will make it together as we always do.

Hands. Pieces of Real Life | My Green Nook

To you my partner in crime –  life without you would be so boring…


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6 thoughts on “Pieces of Real Life

    • YES, I just read your amazing birth story with beautiful pictures. Awwww, I am so happy for you! Now you got two sweet little princesses ❤ Congrats to all of you. And welcome Thyme ❤
      I am excited 🙂 And a bit nervous – it is not that far away for me. Time goes so fast right now. My bump is huge lol I hope I manage to share my birth story at least when I get home. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. I appreciate all the support and caring. Thank you my friend!


  1. Pregnancy and especially those last weeks are definitely an interesting place emotionally and spiritually. I remember the wanting to meet baby, but yet wanting to still have the special connection of baby inside. Time moves and so do we. Through it all, we transition and contemplate, and learn.

    I’m so happy to hear your partner has been so supportive and involved during this growing a baby time. I think it’s so important to be close and connected during pregnancy, as it eases some of the martial transition after baby is born.

    Charlotte, you’re doing a great job, I’m sure of it. These last week’s are special in their own right and I hear you acknowledging and accepting that in this post! 😀


    • Thank you so much for your comforting words. I am glad to hear you say what I am feeling is common and a part of pregnancy. It happened so fast I got a bit worried… One day just shining of happiness and confidence the next very low and stuck in my thoughts. I am listening to my body and soul. Scanning for any signs of depression but no worries to the day. I have decided to give myself space and time. Cutting down on the chores and spend my time on things that I enjoy. And rest as much as I want and need to – napping is free 🙂 With the support of caring people like you I am sure I will manage the last weeks of transformation ❤

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      • Yes, you will do just fine. And, taking care of you, slowing down, and resting are necessary anX important keys! As soon as baby arrives, things will be quite different and some real adjustments will happen that may not always come easily or smoothly. 🙂


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