I Failed Meatless Monday

I have to admit I failed this weeks Change The World (#CTWW) challenge – Meatless Monday. Why? I have no excuse and am not going to talk myself out of it. I feel guilty and embarrassed. But I take the criticism for being lazy, a bad planer and tired. These are no reasons to fail a quest that is so basic but what else can I say. Now I have confessed and will make it up to myself. I will have a meatless day this week. And with some planing I will manage to purchase the necessary ingredients. This by creating a menu for a day and make a shopping list to bring to the grocery store. And tomorrow is our food shopping day.


Meatless Menu. I Failed Meatless Monday | My Green Nook


Oatmeal Porridge, milk and lingonberry

Broccoli Pesto recipe by Kristin at Dizzy, Busy and Hungry
with Bean Pasta and a Salad (carrots, spinach, swiss chard, arugula)

Zucchini Pizza Crust recipe by Sam at Pancake Warriors
with Veggie Topping (arugula, cherry tomatoes, cheese)

In between meals – snacks
Raspberry smoothie recipe by Tiffany at Creme de la Crumb
fruit and nuts

As I always do I will drink loads of water. The ingredients will be organic and grown as close as possible. I have decided to go easy in the beginning eating a lakto-ovo-vegetarian diet once a week. This means I am allowing egg, milk and milk products in my meals. Some of you may think it is cheating but for me it is a step in the right direction. I will also have to read more about a vegetarian diet to make sure I get all essential amino acids, vitamines and minerals. I want all my nutrients to come from healthy and organic food. Stay tuned – I will leave a full report when I succeeded.

If you want to start a new greener and healthier life I recommend you to visit Deborah at Urban Naturale a blog where you find all about a Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Lifestyle. I can also recommend a visit to World Changing Me where you find quests challenging you in sustainability. The quests are leveled and include many topics so everyone can enjoy it. I think it also has an educational value so let your kids get involved too.


Cyndi at Reduce Footprints

8 thoughts on “I Failed Meatless Monday

  1. Thanks for trying my Broccoli Pesto recipe, I hope you like it. Don’t worry about not always accomplishing your goals right away, as long as you keep trying you will eventually get there! Sometimes these things are more of a process than a decision, if that makes sense. 🙂


  2. You will get there! When I went on a 30-day elimination diet it was hard to get a new rhythm going, but once I did it became easy and I didn’t need to think about it. Keep us posted on how you’re doing!


  3. Hi Charlotte,
    It’s okay you have to do what you believe. Personally I do not believe in the vegetarian diet, at least not for everyone. Most people have to take supplements to make sure you get enough Selenium, B-12 and gluthathione which are all very important to our bodies for good health.You do not get enough of them in vegetables only. Research it and find out for yourself. I do think that everyone body functions differently – some people can thrive on the vegetarian diet or even vegan diet but some of us need meat protein.

    I do believe many people consume too much meat and the meat we do consume should definitely be organically and locally raised as should vegetables. I do not believe in the factory farm slaughtering that is on conventional farming as well as I do not believe in pesticides and GMO’s.

    So making a Meatless Monday or one day a week I do believe is a good idea. You can do it I am sure of it.


    • Thank you Marla for sharing your wise thoughts. I guess you are right about the individual needs and body functions. We are all different.

      We only eat organic and locally overall. No GMO, antibiotics or pesticides will get over our threshold. We mainly it fish, poultry, egg and milk products as meat/protein. Trying to stay on the lower side of the food chain for environmental reasons. No excess of meat like big steaks and such. But one day a week all vegetarian can make a huge difference. And it is a way to see how our bodies manage the diet.

      Thank you for believing in me. And being supportive.


  4. Well, I’m sorry Charlotte but I don’t agree with you! I don’t think you failed at all. Meatless meals, in my opinion, are more than just leaving out the animal proteins. They take a bit of thought and planning to ensure proper nutrition … which you have done. And let’s face it … running to the store, when you ordinarily wouldn’t, isn’t Eco-friendly at all so if you don’t already have the ingredients for a plant-based meal at home, then it really doesn’t make sense to run out to get them. You’ve also added organics and the locality of the food into your plan … that goes way beyond. So pat yourself on the back. In my book … you’ve succeeded! Congrats!

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    • Thank you Cyndi you are too kind. I hear the wisdom in your words and that gives me comfort. I am so glad you are such a good-hearted and understanding person. And what you say is true about going on an extra tour to the store. I didn´t think of that… I will make it – because I really want to. I look forward to the reveal of next challenge tomorrow. Have a great evening!

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