Our baby girl is here!

In the early morning the 2/5 our baby girl was born. Bringing sunshine to my life. Since then time has rushed by and my days are filled with diaper changes, feeding, walks, cuddling and love. I want to thank everyone for your support and congratulations. As I guessed my blog has gone on vacation waiting for time and energy to return. But all is well and I hope I will be able to write more soon. I miss you fellow bloggers and long to read your posts. But for now I am occupied by a sweet little girl with attitude and temper. But most of all she is a shining light.

Our baby girl is here | My Green Nook

Now I have to finish my coffee before our Baby Girl wakes up. The days when I could spend time on myself are gone. I am glad if I have time to brush my teeth in the morning. Life has truly changed. But it is filled with love and I am grateful for every second. Well it is time for me to go…

Sincerely yours, Charlotte 🌻

25 thoughts on “Our baby girl is here!

  1. Charlotte, how sweet! I’m so happy to know that your little girl is here and you’re enjoying all the time you can with her. Since you’ve been away, as have I, we are also now pregnant with #2! I’m finally trying to get back into blogging a bit and anxiously await your return as well! :mama hugs: πŸ™‚

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    • Congrats to your #2 how sweet that BabyBoy is having a sister or brother πŸ™‚ I am trying my best to be a good mom and get to know our BabyGirl. I don’t get much time to blog or anything else but I will be back as soon as I have a little time left. Take care and keep me up to date about your progress. Mama hugs ❀


  2. Congratulations Charlotte to you and your hubby .. and the sunshine in your life – your little girl .. enjoy … and happy times ahead .. cheers Hilary

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  3. Hi Charlotte,
    So happy for you and your husband! What a wonderful joy to have a new baby. Enjoy your time with your new baby girl because they grow up so fast.

    I was just thinking about something that might help you out with the blogging. I have been dealing with a company now for close to a year now that writes articles for you free, (I think they have wrote over 20 for me) you just let them them know what you want – they do have to approve your site first. They do put links in the articles for advertising but its not obvious and that’s how they make their money. They write really good articles and you can change any thing you want to – take any part out or reword things, change the title and you do whatever. Who can reject any article if it’s not what you want. They had sent me a e-mail asking if I had anyone I could refer and I thought of you with the new baby and so much extra work – it might be helpful. I don’t want to give them your name or website unless you want me to. But I have been very pleased with them and found them great to work with. So let me know if your would like them to contact you or not. Best wishes, Marla


  4. CONGRATULATIONS to all three of you! I’m so happy and excited for you! Can’t wait to hear all about your little girl! Take care and enjoy this special time! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you! I saw you were going to quit blogging – it makes me sad. I have really enjoyed to follow your blog and share the CTWW. All interesting discussions and subjects you shared. I will miss you and your blog. I hope we keep in touch. I would love to hear more about your progress with your property and green living. I wish you all the best! /Charlotte

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      • Hi Charlotte – thank you for your kind comments. I’ve so enjoyed getting acquainted with you. I won’t be blogging but I’ll be online once in awhile … and I’d love to keep in touch. πŸ™‚

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