The Magic 100th

This is my 100th post since I started blogging and I would love to make it special. I wish I could come up with something smashing like a giveaway or blog hop to invite you to. But for the moment I would be a terrible host and you deserve all the best. And since it would be my first party planning is essential. So let us save these kind of celebrations for later and try to make it a hit then instead of a disaster now. Any way I want to make it the magic 100th so I came up with the idea doing a summary of my time as a blogger. From my first post to what I wish for when I blow out the candles on the cake today.

The magic 100th | My Green Nook

When I started my blog I wrote in swedish and the name was Min Gröna Vrå (translated My Green Nook). The platform was Blogger and I did most of my marketing on Google+. My first post was Dare to Choose Life where I describe my current goals and views of life. It was published 7th July 2014 which means I actually missed my one year blogiversary(!). My first blogger friends were Aging Hippie and Martha Magenta. Via Google+ I connected with many other bloggers of which some I still see around. The Ultimate Party hosted by Tammy at Creative K. Kids where my first link up experience through which I met several nice bloggers. Tammy at My Life Abundant is one of them.

Begonia © Photo: Charlotte, My Green Nook

The first header image. Photo: Charlotte ©

After a while I realized blogging was my thing but Sweden is a small country and not quite there yet for bloggers (or at least not for me nor my blog). Writing in swedish made my blog limited even though a translation widget was available. I did not reach out to possible readers, followers and like-minded bloggers. I got few or no comments on the posts but great response on Goggle+. In September I got the fantastic news I was pregnant. Due to nausea and tiredness blogging was put on hold for a few months. When I felt better I had to decide – quit blogging or make a change. I gave it a shot – switched platform to WordPress and started writing in english. This I will never regret. The frog logo was next step. It would let people recognize My Green Nook in cyberspace. I kept the categories and the green thread. Some would argue my blog is too broad and I should have taken the opportunity to specialize. But my blog reflects me – I have an interest in many different areas and is more of the general type –  doing a little bit of everything.

A new look - My Green Nook

Getting a logo

This was the start of becoming an International blogger (IBA). I met new bloggers and attended more link ups, parties and blog hops. I connected with Gingi at Domestic Geek Girl, the sweet mom at Life Breathe Present and the poet Free Spirit Mystic among others. I took part in a 1000 Speak for Compassion writing the post Compassion in Everyday Life. A topic well suited for me and my new path in life.

Fate brought me to Deborah at Urban Naturale and the weekly blog hop she hosts. There I met Small Footprints at Reduce Footprints, who sadly have taken a break from blogging. I was featured at Meet and Greet. Soon I also belonged to the CTWW-gang taking on the weekly challenges. A world of green bloggers opened up and my writing about green living really took off. Marla at organic4greenlivings is one of my fellow green bloggers.

Take care of the Earth - My Green Nook

Being green.

In April I participated in the A to Z Challenge posting one plant a day during the month. It was really hard work but fun. I connected with new bloggers many of them authors. Wendy at Wendy of the Rock, Lata at Hot cup of Kaapi and Archana at Spice of Life were three I came to follow. I made it just on the hair – 2nd May our Baby Girl was born. I came to witness the kindness among bloggers. You gave me a hand during my first stumbling months as a mom. Now I am back blogging again.

Recently I created a new category called thoughts/reflections where I will share my inner dialog. Parenthood is also a new category which obviously include my life as a mom and days with a baby. I hope you will enjoy those and continue to follow my adventures. Gardening and a sustainable lifestyle will still be important parts of my life as well as my blog. So no worries – I will stay green!

In the nearest future I will be happy to manage to publish one post a week and will focus on connecting with you instead of writing. But my goal is to publish more frequent. I would love to be a part-time blogger and really engage to it. To get my own domain is a dream I have. But it costs money and I do not earn a dime on blogging today. To take that step I would at least want to make enough money to cover the cost of the domain. We will see what the future brings…

Footsteps to future. The magic 100th | My Green Nook

Thank you everyone who ever set a foot in my green nook. It is because of you I keep on blogging. New visitor? Welcome, feel free to leave a comment or check my other posts. See you around!

20 thoughts on “The Magic 100th

  1. Hey Charlotte, so happy you continued to blog! It can be hard, especially when there is so much pressure to “do more” yet we also have little ones to care for. Blogging once a week works best for me. Congrats on one year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Charlotte,
    Thanks for mentioning me – I appreciate it. I have been blogging for almost 4 years now and I feel you have to do it because you love it and have a personal mission. It is a learning process unless you at techy which I am not.
    I have not had great luck with Google but maybe I’m not doing something right. As far social networks Pinterest drives me the most traffic. I also have meet some really nice bloggers like You and have learned a lot of valuable and helpful information from them.
    It’s really good to know you. When you figure out how to make money at it let me know please that would be a great plus, but I until then I do it because I have a message to deliver and because I love it. CONGRATULATIONS again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Marla. It is my pleasure. I agree blogging is just for fun but if you can make some money meanwhile why not 🙂 I stink at blog-tech and I have no patiences to learn it. I rather spend time connecting with others. Have a happy and green week!


  3. Hi, Thank you for mentioning me. It has been great meeting you too. I loved the A to Z posts you made. Even my blog has no specializations and I don’t want to change. Let’s just enjoy blogging.

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