About the author

This is me

About the author

My name is Charlotte. I am a gardener and biologist. Living with my spouse, our cat and newborn baby girl in an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. A sustainable living leaps like a thread through both my life and my blog.

I love gardening and flowers. Well-being, nature/wildlife and a greener lifestyle are things I am devoted to. As a born thinker reading, meditating and writing are important parts of my everyday life.

About the blog

My Green Nook is the place where I share pieces of my perfectly imperfect life which I have come to love. After a bumpy start with many U-turns and cross-roads I finally have found my own path. Here I share my experiences and new discoveries. Hoping to inspire you to take the plunge and make a change. To be able to live a mindful, compasionate life in harmony with nature and fellow human beings. Or simply just give you a good read.

Why the name My Green Nook?

Green stands for so many different things, like nature, environment, spring. When I think of a green nook I see a calm and peaceful spot in our sometimes chaotic world. I picture an arbour in a garden, my own little corner, where I can find balance, rest and dream.

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“Green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility and suggests stability and endurance. In many religions is the green color associated with resurrection and rebirth”
(Wikipedia – Color Symbolism)

Contact: mygreennook.se@gmail.com

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. And – I love Sweden (even if I have never been there, it’s high up on my bucket list). Sweden in summer must be wonderful.

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