What’s up?!

I am still alive so no need for worries. I guess my last post may have made you wonder. Motherhood has kept me busy lately. I suppose you never can realize how much a baby changes your life. Blogging is one of the things that have to step aside. Enough said about that. What’s up in my nook nowadays? I’ll give you a brief update.

Slow summer days

Daddy and baby girl. What's up?! | My Green Nook

Daddy and Baby Girl looking at cows on pasture

We try to enjoy the summer here in Sweden and make the most of our days. We have decided to take the days as they come not planning too much. This in a mindful way so we can manage everyday life. We make small trips around in the area where we live. Sometimes having coffee by a lake or field. Other times having ice cream in the shadow of a tree in the park. We take it easy and try to save energy.

Baby girl is growing fast – soon turning four months old(!) We have begun a course in baby swimming. It is a great way to connect and communicate with your baby. And it is lots of fun for the whole family. It is a pleasure to see how she loves the water and the trust she has in us. Her big blue eyes looking curiously at all the other babies and parents. Smiling and ‘talking’ with her sweet little voice. It warms my heart and I feel like the luckiest person. Proud of being her mother and the bond we have between us. Have you tried baby swimming or some other activity with your baby?

For some mystical reason I have gained weight and have to upgrade my wardrobe a size (or two). When going through my drawers and hangers I gathered a lot of old t-shirts. People tend to give me their used once. These are great to wear at work or home. But I have too many and need to make room for baby girls clothes (which ended up on the kitchen table). I am planning a play and relax corner for baby girl in our living room. A canopy tent made of used curtains would be a neat reading nook. I thought I could use my old t-shirts to make soft pillows, a blanket or a cushion to sit on. This dream is just in its cradle there is no time making this project right now. Meanwhile I browse on Pinterest and blogs looking for inspiration and ideas. Do you got any up-cycling tips for used t-shirts?

Time is precious I need to wrap this short post up and I will do it with a picture. Not the highest quality in any way but at least a tiny glimpse. I think baby girl is about two months in the picture. Since then her back and neck have become more stable. Today it is okay to let her head be above the upper part. So she is able to look around if she wants. Mostly she sleeps onto my chest.

What's up?! | My Green Nook

Me with Baby Girl in a carrier.

Poo Days

Life with a newborn can be quite interesting. Since BabyGirl arrived we have poo days. These days are not necessary bad days just days when she is supposed to poo. Which usually occurs every twice or third day. We keep track in a calendar familiarly known as the poo-calendar where we write down every victorious poo. Never have poo been such a hot topic. We talk about poo even at the dinner table. But I guess it gets that way when you spend a whole lot of time working on the poo.

We massage Baby Girl’s little belly and exercise her legs to stimulate the bowel and relief gas. Every fart is a celebration and a step closer to the goal. Beside this we give her two teaspoons with canola oil every day. The hardest part with her stubborn stomach is to see the pain she goes through. She cries and gets grumpy – nothing seems to do. The sweetest thing is that between the spasms she smiles and cuddles. Yes, she is a shining happy little girl until her stomach starts again. We get relief for a couple of hours or at best a day and these are spent as family time. Every time we visit Baby Girls physician or nurse they ask about her poo and how the stomach is. So we even get to share our poo day stories with others. Sadly we forget and share this with friends and relatives too. Just ask us how things are and you get the story. If you are lucky that day is a poo day.

Baby massage. Poo Days | My Green Nook

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