Spring is coming

Spring is coming. Tulipa 'Little Beauty' | My Green Nook

Tulipa ‘Little Beauty’. Photo: Charlotte

After a long (or at least it felt long) Winter there are signs of an arriving Spring. It is finally coming to our part of Sweden. Viewing all your lovely photos on blogs and social media made me long even more. All the wonderful blossoms and sunny walks in flourishing parks. We are getting there – step by step. Do you remember the bulbs I planted on our balcony last Autumn? They survived the winter in covered and isolated containers. Now popping up one by one…

Spring is coming. Narcissus 'Lieke' |My Green Nook

Narcissus ‘Lieke’ Photo: Charlotte, My Green Nook


Spring is coming. Tulipa murillo-mix|My Green Nook

Tulipa murillo-mix. Photo: Charlotte, My Green Nook


Spring is coming. Fragaria vesca 'Rügen'|My Green Nook

Fragaria vesca ‘Rügen’. Photo: Charlotte, My Green Nook

Want to  have a glimpse on the flowers I hope will blossom in April-May?

My wood/wild strawberry is also showing up this years first green leaves. I covered the container with a rag carpet to protect the roots from freezing. This is an non-spreading variety, ‘Rügen’, which is suitable for container gardening.


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Blue skies and bird song

Blue skies, walking mindful - My Green Nook

Photo: Charlotte – My Green Nook

The sun is shining and the snow slowly melts. But it is too early to say it is Spring. Winter and blizzards my still come upon us. I do love to take a walk under the blue skies catching the first rays of sun and listen to the birds singing. It makes me feel alive and present. Have you ever tried to walk mindful? Really felt every step you take and how that feels in your body? Have you been completely present in the moment catching up all the small things around you? Not being stuck in your thoughts or agony.

To go for a mindfulness walk is an incredible experience. It may not be pleasant the first times. It may even feel awkward. But keep on trying cause once you get it is a gift. And a good way to find balance and harmony while moving. To that you get to experience the track you are walking on in a new way. You will be one with nature but most of all anchored in yourself. I prefer to take these walks in a park or in the woods. But you can practise it while walking to the bus or where ever you are heading. Start focusing on your breath and the movement of your feet. Feel the ground touching under them. Expand your attention to the senses – what do you smell, see and hear? Does it sound crazy?!

Who lives under there? Walking mindful - My Green Nook

Who lives under there? Photo: Charlotte – My Green Nook

I know the first time I tried this I almost started laughing because I felt so silly. But I kept on trying and got better on ignoring people around me and not bother about what other people would think. They cannot see what you are doing it is all happening inside. The only difference is that you cut down the pace and don´t let your head go back and forward. Instead you focus on one thing at a time. Taking your time to really look and see. It can be a butterfly landing on a flower or a bird sitting on a branch.

Tracks of a Roe Deer, walking mindful - My Green Nook

Tracks of a Roe Deer. Photo: Charlotte – My Green Nook

South slope, walking mindful - My Green Nook

South slope. Photo: Charlotte – My Green Nook

Why don´t you head out on a mindful walk? A true walk for your mind and body.

All the photos were taken under my mindful walk today except the one below (it is from yesterday). They catch a glimpse of my focus points. I don´t recommend you to take pictures while learning to walk mindful. It may be too much of a distraction. You are not supposed to look for the perfect photo shot. It is rather away to document things that draws your attention. And by the way – turn off the sound on your phone or other devises that may interrupt.

Peach skies, winter evening - My Green Nook

Peach skies on a winter evening. View from our window. Photo: Charlotte – My Green Nook

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2 Crochet Hooks

Höst på balkongen

Äntligen har de anlänt. Mina lökar jag beställde i somras. Som tack för beställningen fick jag en present, Tazett-lökar. I helgen är det planteringsdags på balkongen då ska lökarna sättas. Sedan är det bara att invänta våren och resultatet av höstens arbete.

Efterlängtade lökar.

I helgen är det alltså dags att ta farväl av sommarblommorna och ta in pelargonerna. Dahlia-knölarna åker ner i matkällaren för vinterförvaring. Alla krukor ska tömmas och tvättas ur innan de stuvas undan inför vintern. Sen är det bara att summera sommarens framgångar och misslyckanden. Ta fram trädgårdsböckerna och börja planera för nästa gröna säsong.

Höstens sista blommor och tomater


Calendula officinalis – ringblomma
Diascia barberae – tvillingsporre

Osteospermum ecklonis – stjärnöga

Solanum lycopersicum – tomat ‘Totem’

En trött hjälpreda – Felix lapar sol på balkongen

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