Poo Days

Life with a newborn can be quite interesting. Since BabyGirl arrived we have poo days. These days are not necessary bad days just days when she is supposed to poo. Which usually occurs every twice or third day. We keep track in a calendar familiarly known as the poo-calendar where we write down every victorious poo. Never have poo been such a hot topic. We talk about poo even at the dinner table. But I guess it gets that way when you spend a whole lot of time working on the poo.

We massage Baby Girl’s little belly and exercise her legs to stimulate the bowel and relief gas. Every fart is a celebration and a step closer to the goal. Beside this we give her two teaspoons with canola oil every day. The hardest part with her stubborn stomach is to see the pain she goes through. She cries and gets grumpy – nothing seems to do. The sweetest thing is that between the spasms she smiles and cuddles. Yes, she is a shining happy little girl until her stomach starts again. We get relief for a couple of hours or at best a day and these are spent as family time. Every time we visit Baby Girls physician or nurse they ask about her poo and how the stomach is. So we even get to share our poo day stories with others. Sadly we forget and share this with friends and relatives too. Just ask us how things are and you get the story. If you are lucky that day is a poo day.

Baby massage. Poo Days | My Green Nook

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New Challenges

A new love and new challenges have clearly found their way into my life. I have been aching to write and blog again. Today it seems a bit closer to reality than for a couple of weeks ago. I have a need to let my creativity flow and words to find their way out –  to fill a blank page with black signs. I am sitting here with my baby girl in a carrier on my tummy. It is summer outside and a soft breeze from an open window cools us down. What have you been up to lately?

Open Window. New Challenges | My Green Nook

The other day I found out that one of my fellow bloggers is quitting and it made me sad. I hope we stay in touch though since we had much in common.  I also had time to read through all comments on my posts and was happy to see your kindness. I would love to have you writing guest posts for me to share. I really think it would be fun and interesting. So I will set off time to go through all your offers and suggestions, which I look forward to, and then I get back to you as soon as possible.

With motherhood new challenges arises.

  • Sleep. Although I understood that sleep was going to be affected and that it was precious I did not realize the width of it. During the first weeks I was exhausted and my mind played games. It was frightening and I almost lost it. Depression was close to a fact but with the help of relatives and friends I managed. Now, thankfully, I am back on track.
  • Time. With a newborn everything takes time. Planning and patients is crucial. I found it hard before and today it is even worse. A typical scenario: You are ready to leave and are about to step out the door when your baby poo and you have to change diaper, again. This way I have been late to several appointments. But I guess I will figure it out soon. Or maybe that just is the way it is to live with kids.
  • Things does not always work out the way you planned. Before our BabyGirl was born I had decided to breastfeed. I was so sure of it and had no second thoughts. But I was faced with one of the largest challenges. It just did not work how much we even tried. It tore me apart and affected my sleep to a point I could not be the mother I wanted to be. After a month of struggle I gave up. It was a difficult choice do not think anything else. I also discovered the shame of not breastfeeding your baby. Mothers do not talk about it and you feel very lonely. I opened up about it an found that it is more common than one could guess.
  • Puts your relationship on a test. When you think of a family you see two smiling parents and a sweet baby. This is true from time to time. But becoming parents really challenge our relationship. All the above effects it. Not sleeping well makes us grumpy and easily provoked. Lack of time to discuss and spend on each other makes it even more complicated. Unforseen happenings puts even more pressure on both of us. I am thankful we have ten years and a lot of experiences in our back pack. Trust, hope and love keep us going. We know things will be better. We have just settled and work on the daily routines. Trying to bear the burden together and share the joy.
Pure Love. New Challenges | My Green Nook

I´ll be by your side… Photo: Charlotte, My Green Nook

It might sound that I regret having a baby but no way. I love her and just one glimpse at her makes my heart sing. I am happy, my spouses is happy and our baby thrives. The above are just things I think we should talk about and acknowledge. Having a baby is not only a fluffy and easy dream in pink or blue. It is also hard work and puts us up to various challenges.

What challenges do you face in parenthood?

How to make a baby nursing necklace

Baby nursing necklace with wool and wooden beads

Baby nursing necklace with wool and wooden beads

As some of you already know I am going to become a mother in May. My creativity has taken a leap and I feel inspired by the new life ahead. There is so many things I want to prepare before our baby arrives. I have a couple of craft ideas and one of those I would like to share with you here.

Baby nursing necklace with wool and wooden pearls

This is what I used – carded wool, wooden beads (the large one is actually a seed), waxed cotton thread, a lock and a sharp needle. You find all the items at any hobby/craft store.

Required materials

Required materials

First it is time to tousle the wool into round beads. Use a bowl and mix water and soap in it. The water should feel soapy when rubbing your fingertips in it. The temperature should be about 40-50 degrees Celsius or at least finger warm.  Tear of some of the wool (never cut) and soak it in the soap water. Squeeze out the excess water and start rolling the wool gently between your hands. Like you would roll a meatball. After a while dip the wool in the soap water again and continue rolling. Repeat until you got a firm wool bead. Now it is time to wash the bead in water to get rid of the soap. Let the wool bead dry and begin with a new one.

Wool bead

Wool bead

When the wool beads have dried it is time to make the necklace. Use the sharp needle and thread it with the waxed cotton thread. Stick it through the wool beads and start creating your own necklace.

I made my necklace adjustable to meet my and my baby´s needs. Use which colors and beads you like. But choose safe materials that doesn´t break, is easy for the baby to pull off or may injure the child in any way. The necklace is nice for the baby to play with and touch during nursing and feeding. It stimulates the tactile senses and is a fun way to promote the baby´s growth.

Finished necklace

A necklace to the joy of both mother and baby

A necklace to the joy of both mother and baby

Finished necklace

2 Crochet Hooks
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