Our baby girl is here!

In the early morning the 2/5 our baby girl was born. Bringing sunshine to my life. Since then time has rushed by and my days are filled with diaper changes, feeding, walks, cuddling and love. I want to thank everyone for your support and congratulations. As I guessed my blog has gone on vacation waiting for time and energy to return. But all is well and I hope I will be able to write more soon. I miss you fellow bloggers and long to read your posts. But for now I am occupied by a sweet little girl with attitude and temper. But most of all she is a shining light.

Our baby girl is here | My Green Nook

Now I have to finish my coffee before our Baby Girl wakes up. The days when I could spend time on myself are gone. I am glad if I have time to brush my teeth in the morning. Life has truly changed. But it is filled with love and I am grateful for every second. Well it is time for me to go…

Sincerely yours,¬†Charlotte ūüĆĽ

Pieces of Real Life

Pocket watch. Pieces of Real Life | My Green Nook

Time is passing by and recently I think it have rushed faster and faster. It has been a while since I shared my pieces of real life with you. So here we go. I am in pregnancy week 31 which means it is only 6-10 weeks left before our baby arrives. And it strikes me everyday that I am going to become a mother. I am going to give birth to a new little person and life will change. I look forward to meet this amazing human. But a part of me wants to keep the bump and all the movement inside. It is such an unexplainable feeling and the bond is very strong. We already love our little miracle and that love keeps on growing everyday. We are finally going to become the family we always dreamt of.

Besides all the joy and happiness I have begun feeling pain in my back and hips. Having a hard time to sleep since I have to sit up straight to ease the tenderness. I walk slow and it is not as delightful as it use to be to go for my daily walks. I am mostly tired and withdrawn. I just want to be by myself or with my family. I think it is a sign saying it is time to let go of pregnancy and take the next step in real life. Embrace motherhood, family life and let things settle. I tell myself I will manage it if I take one day at a time and focus on the privileges.

My spouse is very supportive and committed. We have gone through everything together – from the nausea to the current pain. Not forgetting all the shared joy and laughter from the first picture of our baby, the first time we got to listen to the heartbeat and the unique feeling of the first kick. We have been to the midwife and all the controls side by side. We have both taken part in the parenthood courses preparing us for the delivery and the baby to come. So I am a lucky one having a child with the best dad and partner I can imaging. We will make it together as we always do.

Hands. Pieces of Real Life | My Green Nook

To you my partner in crime –¬† life without you would be so boring…


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I made it – love conquers all

Love conquers all - My Green Nook

Today is a great day. Today I am victorious. Today I am proud of myself. I made it – really made it all by myself. I tried something new and manage to complete the task.

I have not been sewing much since I went to secondary school (Swedish högstadiet). We had an awful teacher and that did not give justice to the craft. Everything became boring sewing, stitching, crochets, knitting. It was horrible and I never managed to create anything of true value, at least not in my own eyes. From time to time I have made an effort to try to craft but failed. Bad memories haunting me. I have not had patience nor the joy for the art. With the news that I was going to become a mother something happened. I changed somehow and keep on surprising myself.

With my future motherhood the wish to be more handy and crafty has grown proportionally. It started with cooking – my baby needs real homemade nutritious food with a lot of vegetables and fruit on the menu. Then I made the necklace I published in an earlier post, How to make a baby nursing necklace. And now I have sewed my first baby rompers – amazing! And guess what?! I had fun and want to create more. It may not be the perfect rompers and I know there are others who would do a better job. But I am happy and it is a start which may lead anywhere. I think my love for our baby made me conquer this obstacles. The rompers are definitely made with love.

Baby rompers -My Green Nook

As you may have observed the pattern is laid on the wrong side of the fabric. Do not worry РI did not cut the fabric as seen in the photo. I just wanted to get a picture of how it would look. The pattern is from Stoff och Stil baby/newborn rompers (sparkdräkt) nr 80001.