Summer Rain and Dreams

Lake view. Summer Rain and Dreams | My Green Nook

We are fortunate to be able to stay at a relative’s house while they are on vacation. This way we get away from our apartment and get some fresh air. In return we watch the house and garden for them. For two days heavy rain has kept us indoors time which we spent together as a family. Our activities have mainly been playing and snuggling with baby girl. Finally yesterday evening it stopped raining. I opened the door to the patio. The moist air and the scent of wet soil were refreshing. The skies were still grey and the last clouds lingered. But in all it was a moment of hope and I felt content.

We wish for sunny days ahead so we can enjoy the garden and patio. Letting baby girl feel the tickling of soft grass on her tiny feet for the first time. There are some chores to take on too, like dead-heading and mowing the lawn.

Garden with gazebo. Summer Rain and Dreams | My Green Nook

It is our dream to one day live in our own house with a garden for me to grow and for our girl to play in. My hun wants a garden shed or garage for his hobbies. We use to fantasize how our little family socialize in a large hammock in the shade. Drinking homemade lemonade and eating cinnamon buns.

Today is a good day…

How has your summer been so far?