How to sew an easy baby hat

Baby beanie tutorial - My Green Nook

Today I started and finished the mission of sewing a baby hat or beanie. I found an easy free pattern and made a tutorial for you. You may use the size measures of baby hats from any baby clothes store online if you want to make it larger. This is made for a newborn with a head circumference of about 34cm (13,5” around the head). Seam allowance about 1cm (1/2”). I used some of the jersey fabric I got left over when sewing the baby rompers. This is a perfect time to reuse fabrics and old clothes. You may for example use an old t-shirt and cut the hat from it.

Let´s begin:

You need two pieces – so fold your fabric right to right side. Take your pattern and needle it to the fabric. Then cut out the pieces. My pattern had a bottom width of 18cm (7”) and a center hight of 26cm (10”).

Baby hat pattern - My Green Nook

You now have the two pieces which will become the hat. Taaadaa!

Baby hat pieces - My Green Nook

Needle the pieces together right to right side. And prepare to start sewing. I choose to sew a light zig-zag length 3 and width 1,5 on my machine. Don´t forget to leave the bottom open.

Sewing baby hat - My Green Nook

Iron all seams and fold the bottom wrong to wrong side. I made the fold about 6cm (2,5”) you may adjust it to suit the pattern of your fabric.

Sewing baby hat - My Green Nook

Sew around the top of fold. Creating a neat bottom. I put a bit of tape on the machine to get a guidance mark so I would be sewing straight.

Sewing baby hat - My Green Nook

Turn the hat right side out and fold from the inside about 3cm (1,2”). The seam you made in the previous step should not be seen but you got some room for adjustments of the folds hight.

Sewing baby hat - My Green Nook

Attach the fold by sewing (or stitching by hand) in the seam at both the sides. To make an invisible seam.

Sewing baby hat - My Green Nook

Now your baby hat is finished. Easy, right?!

Finished baby hat - My Green Nook

Now that I am in the mood of creating stuff for my baby I have found a great use of Pinterest. This pattern and tutorial is inspired by Spoonflower and the credit is therefore not all mine. Though I made some adjustments. What have you created lately? Feel free to leave a comment – I like to be inspired.

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11 thoughts on “How to sew an easy baby hat

  1. Would you be interested in doing a post for a simple craft on my blog? It could be sewn if you give a step by step with photos like this one. The crafts on my blog are for kids to do with parent supervision or guidance. Or…if you have another idea for a kid-friendly no-sew project, that would be great as well. You can send your reply to my e-mail at:

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  2. What a great little hat for your babe! And I live that it matches the rom per you made, but is still versatile enough to wear with something (sIoimportant with a baby)! 🙂


  3. such a great pattern and idea! We do a lot here for Newborns in Need – this will be perfect, fast and easy, way to make hats to donate. Thanks for the idea and linking with us! Pinned 🙂


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