Where would you go?

Have you ever felt that you just want to leave? To take a break to get your things together? To just be alone in peace and quiet? Or if you are more of an active person maybe rumble and jump around like it was your last day.

I guess we all feel that way sometimes. When we are winded up and have lost control or at least feel like we have. This does not mean we actually want to take a hike forever rather just get a moment to breathe and feel. To get time to ask ourself the important questions – how do I feel and what do I need? To lower our shoulders and ease the burden of everyday life. Living is not always easy and we may feel ashamed to admit it. The pressure on us to be smiling and perfect can go to our heads. The good advice of positive thinking can really cause frustration. Are we not allowed to spit and breathe fire just for one day. Not even if we do it in a closet where no one sees or hears us?

Let us pretend that we get the opportunity to just hop aboard the next train or boat to anywhere. Where would you go? Where is the place you find peace? Where can you be just you? Where can you be alone with your thoughts and recharge?

Dream for a while and create your perfect place to escape to. The place where you find comfort and calm. What would it look like – your own dreamscape?

Dreamscape. Where would you go? | My Green Nook

During my various hours of meditation and relaxation I have created my own mental escape resort. This comes to hand almost daily. When I need a break and get myself together I close my eyes, take a couple of deep breathes and go there. This is my place of comfort and calm where I can recharge enough to cope a bit more. But sometimes my own mind is not giving the relief I need. This made me

think of the place I would go to (where I actually would place my body). I asked myself the question – where would you go? The terrifying answer was – I do not know. Or is it a good answer? Maybe I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Of course I am but some days I just feel that I cannot cope anymore. I cannot cope with me or being me. There is nothing wrong with the people around me or the place I am in. It is me. And where do you go when you can not stand your own company?

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25 thoughts on “Where would you go?

  1. I’ve never had a “mental place” to go…usually getting blank works for me. As for what to do when I can’t stand myself….sometimes I start by just letting myself be OK with not wanting to be me for awhile. Then, I usually try to look for my good or talk with someone about where I’m at. A really real true and trusted person who could care less if I didn’t like muself, because they like me plenty and would rather I stick around.

    I’m sorry you’re in this place. Motherhood can be hard and I’m not saying that’s it, but I know my first post partum was rough in so many ways.

    Let yourself breathe and do simerhing, anything, you really enjoy or need in order to find a good place within you again. :mama hugs: πŸ™‚

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  2. This is so true! Sometimes I just want to get away from it all, but then I’m like, “Where though!?” lol. When I’m feeling like that I like to go outside and take a walk. It always brings me back to center.

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  3. Hi Charlotte,
    I would love to go to a island where there is not too many people but warm weather and beautiful flowers. Meditation can be so beneficial and I practice deep breathing every day which and try to do a little meditation, I have a hard time keeping my mind focused. When I can’t stand being me I go out to my flower garden and look or work on flowers but in the winter I can’t do that, so I do the deep breathing and try to put myself in a calm state.

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  4. Truthful… Thought provoking… I often wish I could escape …but not FROM me…TO me… I become utterly flattened by the humdrum dullness of my daily drudgery … Being what others need or expect or demand

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  5. A very thought provoking post. It’s true, we are often conditioned to put on a front that we have it all together, are masters of multitasking, and are diligent health gurus. Heaven forbid if we have the blues, feel like burying our head in the sand, or want to just run away for a day. When I’m glum, I weed out my garden while letting my mind go wherever it wants to. An afternoon nap is a nurturing little luxury, too! I also think that embracing an off day is one of the healthiest things to do; it’s being honest with oneself.

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    • I agree with you! Gardening is like therapy. It have a balm for every condition in the soul. Weeding can be very relaxing and a nap in a hammock refreshing. To allow every feeling is healthy as long as we donΒ΄t let them take all control. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

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